Are You Training Your Employees to Recognize Phishing Schemes Through Document Management?

Now is the time to switch your office operations from paper documents to online document management. However, issues like trouble finding your documents or capturing secure signatures might be holding your company back. Here are quick fixes for four common document management problems:

1. Create Searchable PDF Files from Paper Documents

With searchable PDF files, you can quickly search hundreds of PDF documents online. Instead of rifling through paper files, you can find what you need faster.

2. Select Workflow Automation that Integrates with your Office Operations

A setback of some workflow automation programs is training and educating employees. Change is always hard, so why not use a system that easily integrates with your operating system? M-Files is a great place to start because it’s intuitive and user-friendly. Since it functions just like Windows, the learning curve is almost nonexistent.

3. Ensure Your Document Management Solution is Compliant

Many organizations are doing a good job of allocating resources to advanced technology and security protocols. They recognize that security threats are ongoing, ever-changing, and as likely to impact their small-to-medium business as much as they are a large corporation.

But even with these investments in security strategies, too many organizations still fall prey to hackers. Something must still be missing from the equation.

Training Your Employees

It’s not overstating the case to say that no amount of security tools can keep your network safe if your end-users remain unaware of ongoing threats. Your employees can be a valuable partner in your efforts to protect your data from cyber criminals, but training must be thorough and current if it’s going to make any difference at all.

Uncovering the Causes

Missed updates and inadequate end-user training are among the top causes of data breaches and comprise the bulk of what you’re facing.

  1. Missed patches and updates— IT managers do what they can to keep ahead of threats, but it’s not the only item on their agenda. Managed IT services can provide the extra resources and knowledge to stay ahead of the ever-changing resources of hackers.
  2. Inadequate training— Your employees may have your best interest in mind when they fall victim to a phishing email. Many of these attempts to infiltrate your network include sophisticated links to look-alike websites or may use the names of company personnel to trick employees into believing they’re authentic.

Leveraging the Solutions

If your company suffers a catastrophic security breach followed by the inevitable impact on customer confidence, you may be forced to close your doors. By outsourcing much of your IT needs to managed IT services, you can significantly mitigate your vulnerability.

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