The Best Office Copier for Small Businesses

With so many different printers, it can be difficult to determine the type of printer that best suits your business requirements. One deciding factor for choosing your next business printer is your organization’s budget. Once you have figured out the budget, it becomes easier to shortlist and choose the right equipment as your business printer.  A business printer should match a business’ printing needs in terms of print volume and print speed. Additionally, business owners need to determine whether the documents need to be printed in color or monochrome. If a business rarely requires printing, purchasing a business printer with high print speed and volume would be pointless.

There are various types of printers in the market, specifically designed to meet different needs based on the industry type.  Here are a few tips small business owners need to consider when purchasing an office printer. In broad categorization, you can find the following printers:

  • Small/Home Office printers — For smalls businesses that require multiple options and have limited print usage, home-office printers are an ideal solution. Small/Home office printers are cost-effective and offer a variety of options, including monochrome and color printing. These printers have scanning and copying function, which is an added benefit for small businesses as it evades the cost of purchasing multiple equipment. The maintenance cost is very low and as they are cost-effective replacing the unit is not a big deal. Small/home office printers are compact and can easily fit on tabletops, making them space efficient.
  • Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) —MFPs are ideal when it comes to printing, sorting, stapling, scanning and copying. They have a high output capacity and can connect multiple users on one machine. These printers are recommended for businesses in need of diverse printing solutions with a medium to high print usage. MFPs come in different sizes, depending on their functionality and would need significant space due to its size.
  • Standalone Office Printers – All in one —These are high-end printers designed to meet day-to-day printing requirements of businesses, which may include color and monochrome printing. Business printers and copiers have a large output capacity and can suffice the needs of small to medium enterprises. These are standalone printers and easily occupy corners.
  • Production Printers —These high-capacity printers can efficiently print thousands of copies a day. Production printers offer the highest economy in cost-per-page due to mass printing, and are best suited for businesses that perform commercial printing. These printers are massive in size and occupy a considerable amount of space.

Following these tips will help you purchase a printer that is best suited for your office requirements. They will help small business owners purchase a business printer based on their budget, type of usage, volume of usage and physical space available. With Monster Technology, you get an unbiased recommendation. Since we are brand independent, we suggest the best multifunction systems for your application.