Managed Print Services Frees Up Your IT Team

Looking for new ways to get more from your IT team? Before you seal off the break room, you might want to take a hard look at your print environment. (Hint: Coffee breaks are not the culprit.)
An unmanaged print environment may not seem like a big deal at first glance. After all, we’re just talking about a few printers and copiers. Before dismissing the idea as inconsequential, may we suggest taking a look at the print-related issues cutting into your IT team’s valuable time?
There’s More to the Story
Print environments are notorious for voracious appetites, and if you’re not watching, your print spend can consume 3% to 6% of your annual revenues.
For a hard look at what an unmanaged print environment costs in time and money, just ask your IT staff. Here’s what they’re often doing instead of managing your IT infrastructure:
1. “Paper jam in accounting!” You didn’t search the globe for talented IT people so they could coax paper out of a printer. Unfortunately, your IT staff knows how often the help desk lights up due to the lowly copier paper jam.
2. “We’re out of toner!” We hope your IT team isn’t tapped to save the day every time someone forgets to order toner, but it happens. A lot.
3. “Error code on the front office copier!” We’ll give your IT team due credit for troubleshooting your imaging equipment, but it’s not what they’re trained to do.
The Managed Print Services Solution
With a managed print services partnership, you can stop wasting your IT team’s valuable time. They were trained to design, support, and maintain your IT infrastructure, not your copiers. Managed print services give your organization access to an entire staff of industry-trained technicians whose only job is to keep your print environment in top condition and your costs low. How’s that for efficiency?
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