No Device Left Behind: The Importance of Commercial Printer Repair

Repair or Replace Commercial Printers?

Few things are more frustrating than a broken printer or copier when you need to produce important business documents like invoices, shipping tickets, or sales proposals. As a business, you need to keep track of the maintenance and replacement costs of office equipment. This includes the cost of repairing office equipment such as copiers, printers, & multifunction printers (MFPs). Deciding whether to repair a printer or replace it can be difficult, which is why you need to assess the situation before making a choice. A printer is an investment by the business just like any other asset, which helps increase operational efficiency.

Printers are essential for carrying out daily operations unless a business has invested in an expensive document automation technology, which may not be possible for a small business. When you identify a fault in your office printer, you need to make a decision whether to replace the equipment or repair it.

Why Maintenance Is Important For Your Copier

The number one mistake business owners make is not performing routine device maintenance. If you don’t maintain them regularly, they eventually break down. Commercial printers are expensive compared to home printers, as they have increased functionality and speed. Commercial printers are designed to print at high speeds to meet corporate requirements. Small or medium enterprises might lack the required funds to buy a commercial printer, which is why they need to explore their options before throwing out their old printer or copier.

Benefits of Commercial Printer Repairs & Maintenance

  • Reduced Toner Emissions – A well maintained machine runs smoother and is less likely to leave annoying marks/streaks down your page due to toner build-up.
  • Extends Cartridge life – If your printer is working efficiently you won’t need to buy a new one as often, which reduces your costs.
  • Extends Printer Life – If your printer lasts longer, you won’t need to buy a new one as often, which reduces your costs.
  • Saves Money – Regular printer servicing helps to lower repair costs in the future by monitoring the components inside the machine and keeping them clean from toner build-up and paper dust. ​

When To Replace Your Office Equipment

  • Repair Cost and Severity— There are chances that the printer might need minor repairs, which would cost less compared to replacing the printer. Ideally, if the cost of repair is lower than half the value of a printer, it is better to repair the printer. If the repair cost exceeds 50 percent of the purchase price, it might be better to buy a new printer or copier.
  • Age of the Printer— If your printer is a recent purchase, Monster Technology provides preventative printer maintenance solutions to keep your office equipment running. However, if the printer is quite old, it will most certainly require regular maintenance or/and printer repair. From the most complex repairs to simple fixes, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and support so you can get back to work. You can count on Monster Technology for your printer repair needs.

Whether your business is large or small, based in Los Angeles, Vegas, Miami, New York, or anywhere else in the country, we guarantee professional, timely, and effective printer repair service to businesses nationwide. Contact Monster Technology for your printer repair and maintenance needs. We service any business, anywhere!