Reduce Security Risks With Managed IT Services

You’ve acquired a skilled internal IT team, and you’ve covered every scenario that could put your organization’s network at risk, or at least you hope so.

With hackers on the lookout for more ways to beat every new security protocol, your organization can’t afford to overlook a single vulnerability. The legal and public relations consequences that follow a major security breach are often too much for businesses to absorb, and many are forced to close up shop for good.

Identifying the Risks

The pervasiveness of relentless security attacks are one reason why your business must make every effort to secure your networks now. Just one computer with a missed update could result in a legal battle you’d rather not face. Here’s what’s at risk:

  • Proprietary company information like trade secrets and new product development.
  • Client data including names, addresses, birthdates, email addresses, passwords and financial information.
  • Company financial records.
  • HR files that can include private data on employees like social security numbers and healthcare information.

Mitigating the Risks

From a loss of consumer confidence in your business to insurmountable legal expenses, a data breach could put your company out of business for good. To mitigate the risks, many organizations look to Managed IT Services for help. Here’s what they’ve discovered:

  • No more missed updates: Even with an in-house security team on duty, it’s easy to overlook an update. Managed IT experts are ready to make sure your system benefits from the latest available updates and patches.
  • Network maintenance and monitoring: In today’s technology-dependent business environment, network downtime is unacceptable. Let Managed IT Services handle issues before they have a chance to interrupt your processes or give hackers a window into your network.

To avoid the legal and reputational damage that often follows a security breach, give Managed IT Services a try. Contact us at Monster Technology to begin the conversation today.