Taking the Pulse of Your Fleet with Managed Print

We all know what happens when we let something alone long enough. If we ignore the oil levels in our car, eventually a small problem turns into a very bad one. A small leak under a sink can cost a few dollars to fix or a few thousand, depending on when you choose to address it.

Why Fleet Monitoring Matters

In the digital office, workflows depend on the functionality of the imaging devices that drive them. When a centralized multifunction system goes offline, an entire project may be in jeopardy.

Since you’ve got an organization to run, monitoring your printer fleet is probably not a top priority. Since leaving it to run itself is less than ideal, many leaders turn to managed print services for assistance. Here’s why.

1. Print Volumes

You’re not alone if you aren’t sure how many documents your organization churns out each month. Fleet monitoring includes careful tracking of print volumes by device, department, and even employee.

2. Consumables

Managed print monitors your devices and automatically ships supplies when you need them. The alternative is costly and inefficient:

  • Wasteful supply overages
  • Emergency shortages resulting in downtime
  • Ad hoc purchasing, hidden costs, and bloated inventories
  • Theft due to mismanaged supply inventories
  • Toner pirates preying on unsuspecting employees

3. Repairs and Maintenance

Proactive device monitoring alerts managed print technicians when something is amiss with one of your devices. Industry-trained and certified technicians address the issue, either remotely or on-site. In many cases, problems can be remedied before your staff notices anything was wrong. The long-term benefits include devices that work better, last longer, and don’t leave you hanging in the middle of important projects.

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