Top 4 Reasons OKI Data’s Corefido Warranty Program Is the “Copier Killer”

Many office equipment companies tout the outstanding quality of their machines, but it’s not often you see a company really put their money where their mouth is. A stellar warranty program is proving to be a huge draw for OKI Data’s Corefido line of Multifunction Printers (MFPs), so we thought we’d take a look at what’s behind the excitement and why we at Monster Technology refer to it as the “copier killer.”

Five Year Machine Warranty
A 12-month warranty isn’t unusual, but OKI has pushed the envelope and provided a free upgrade to a 60-month (five year!) warranty for Corefido machines. OKI will provide free parts and labor, meaning owners don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses for those five years.

Quality Machines and Results
OKI machines are known for their reliability and durability, and the Corefido line is sticking to that promise. The LED technology that OKI uses is one reason they’re so trustworthy—it provides fewer moving parts than traditional laser printers. As with any machine, fewer moving parts means fewer opportunities for problems. The HD color capabilities of these LED MFPs are also outstanding, making them more than competitive with any rival brand.

Great Bang for the Buck
The OKI Corefido line provides a great value. Customers can get a quality MFP—including an unrivaled warranty—for about the same cost as a competitor’s base machine. Why get a regular copier when you can get so much more with a Corefido MFP? (Hence, “copier killer”.) Moreover, the five-year warranty and fuser and transfer belt replacement make for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for Corefido machines.

Consumables and Parts Recycling
OKI has gone beyond machine management and developed a free program for recycling OKI toner cartridges and image drums, as well as their transfer belts and fusers. They’ve taken the headache out of the sustainability equation and made it easy for businesses to do their part.

In addition to their standard copy, fax, print, and scanning capabilities, OKI Data’s Corefido machines are a tough series to beat—with impressive features, quality print, and a warranty that provides five years of free on-site repairs. OKI is betting that their reliability and durability will make the line a great choice for SMBs, and so far we have no reason to doubt it. That’s why we call them the “copier killer”—compared to the offerings of a competitor’s simple copy machine, you get more built-in functions and an incomparable warranty plan at an affordable price. If you want to check out the Corefido line for yourself, get in touch with Monster Technology today.

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