The Power of Giving Back

Monster Technology had the opportunity to get together this past weekend to pass out clothing in Downtown Los Angeles “Skid Row”. This ended up to be a very special and rewarding event. Below are a few points that came to mind with the closing of this experience.

Companies that get involved in the community can make a true difference and separate themselves from the pack. Setting aside time to give back to your community is the first step in showing others that you care about those less fortunate. Long gone are the days a company can just provide customers with a great product/service at a competitive price. Studies, such as the one published in 2013 by Communications and Echo Research have shown that 82 percent of US consumers consider corporate responsibility when deciding which products or service to buy and where to shop.
Benefits of giving back in your community from both a business & personal perspective:

Team Building
Creating channels for your employees to donate their time and resources can be a great opportunity for team building. I believe that employees will work harder for a company that they appreciate working for. Helping out your community is an all-around win as it builds stronger teams which essentially keeps employees performing at higher levels ultimately making your employees more successful all while giving to others.

New Perspective
Every human being has their up’s and downs. Many experience their harder times during adolescence while other run into larger hurdles later on in life. Giving back to those in need can provide us a fresh perspective on life. Taking time out of our busy lives to appreciate all that you have can do positive things for ones well being. Helping others can allow for you see your own situation from a different perspective. Helping the less fortunate can overwhelm you with gratitude also making your own problems feel less cumbersome.

Grassroots Marketing
Companies of all sizes set aside marketing budgets in order to reach a greater audience. Holding events to give back to the less fortunate in your community can be free publicity and a brilliant way to get your name and your brand out there. Everyone in business knows the power of networking. Giving back in the community is any easy way to meet like minded people. You can easily have all your co-workers wear company gear which helps get your brand front in center while actively helping out in your community.


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