Save by Leasing Your Next Printer or MFP

Getting a new printer or multifunction printer (MFP) can seem like an overwhelming investment decision, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider leasing. Instead of taking on the entire burden of a large piece of technology, the following financial benefits of leasing will have you—and your accountant—smiling.

No capital outlay
Purchasing a printer or MFP outright is a costly step. With leasing, you don’t have to lay out thousands of dollars when you get your machine. Whether cash on hand is limited or you just want to conserve your credit, leasing is the perfect way to keep up with technology without breaking the bank.

Predictable monthly payments
Printer leases provide reassuringly consistent terms over the life of the lease, which is typically two years. When you own a machine, all the risk is yours and it’s impossible to plan for problems. However, unexpected printer troubles and maintenance won’t derail your whole budget when you’ve included them in your lease agreement.

Tax-deductible payments
The payments you make each month can usually be counted as fully tax-deductible. Unlike purchased equipment—which depreciates over time—leasing means keeping the tax deduction consistent over the course of the lease. As always, talk to your tax professional about whether or not your lease is deductible.

Built-in upgrades
By definition, a lease for a printer or MFP has a limited time frame. This presents a recurring opportunity for upgrades to keep you on the forefront of today’s light-speed technology changes. With leasing, you’re not stuck with an obsolete machine for years after your purchase.

No disposal costs
What do you do with a huge MFP that is past its prime or broken down? If you own your device, look forward to unwieldy disposal processes, whether it’s following environmental regulations, or trying to get someone to take on an outdated machine. With leasing, disposing of an outdated machine is a breeze—your lessor takes care of disposal or exchange while you enjoy your technology update.

Leasing can be a strategic, cost-effective option for your next printer or MFP. Not only will you keep cash in your pocket, you’ll get predictable, tax-deductible monthly payments, built-in upgrades, and freedom from disposal. Call Monster Technology today to find a printer and lease that are right for your company.

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