Could Your Office Copier Pose a Security Threats

Many business owners do not realize that their office copier can pose a threat to their IT security. The truth is, if your employees are using the office copier to scan, fax, or print sensitive documents, your company could be exposed to a security breach by unauthorized users. Relying on your common sense can mitigate some threat, but most businesses are turning to more reliable office copier security solutions to keep their information safe.

The security of your office copiers is paramount, and now is the time to re-evaluate your company IT security strategy by taking these steps from Monster Technology to keep unauthorized users from accessing your secure company data:

Office Copier Data Storage

The office copiers of today’s business world are much more complex than earlier decades. They are much more advanced than simple devices merely used to reproduce documents. Copiers of the modern world come equipped with internal hard drives that are designed to capture and save images of information that are passed through.

Steps to Take to Protect Sensitive Data

Because office copiers now operate much like computers, unauthorized users can find a rich source of valuable information—such as social security numbers and proprietary company information. As such, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to protect your company’s data.

  1. Choosing Your Office Copier

Office copiers these days come equipped with a plethora of security features that ensure the safety of your data from hackers. Be sure to do your research to make sure that your office copier is set up with all of the capabilities that will keep your data secure.

  1. Take advantage of Managed IT Services

Another beneficial service your company should consider is Managed IT Services for your office copiers. Managed IT Services from Monster Technology in LA allows for total security control, including real-time network monitoring, performance alerts, data backup, and expect service.

  1. Plan for Copier Disposal

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to understand your office copier’s leasing agreement. Your lease agreement should include thorough assurances that any sensitive data is cleaned from the hard disks when the office copier leaves your control.  You must ensure that your employees understand the importance of this as well.


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