Managed IT Services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

The biggest risk to any business are the employees. Hackers engineer their attacks to take advantage of the day-to-day oversight of your small to medium sized business’ employees. So, how do your company’s employees put your business at risk? Managed IT services provider list the most common ways your employees unknowingly leave you vulnerable:

  • Accessing sensitive data through unsecured networks.
  • IT administration oversights.
  • Using simple passwords.
  • Sharing company data without verifying the recipient’s identity.
  • Making passwords easily accessible.
  • Loss of unsecured phones, laptops, or USB drives.

Security Breaches.

Small to medium sized businesses are the most vulnerable for constant attacks and security breaches since they are far less secure. According to a study performed by Symanec, approximately 74% of small to medium sized businesses have been targeted within a 12-month period.

With the continual progression of technology, the security threat landscape has changed with incredible growth. Despite having no technological knowledge, anyone has access to technology that can help them become a cybercriminal. This puts everyone at risk for a security breach.

The Solution.

The constant threat of cyber attacks and virtual vulnerability can only be solved through the use of technological security measures such as managed IT services from Monster Technology in Reno. Hiring a managed IT company will team up with your in-house IT staff to alleviate the burden and help them address the challenges that are facing you IT infrastructure at your company. Managed IT services will quickly and efficiently fill in the gaps which frees your employee’s time to focus on other issues that are pertinent to your daily business operations.

To protect your small to medium sized business from being vulnerable to cyber-attacks, contact Monster Technology for more information regarding our managed IT services.