Benefits of Cloud Unified Communications

Moving your business to the Cloud has become increasingly popular over the last few years. You can streamline nearly any process by moving it to a Cloud-based network that you can access from just about anywhere. Did you know that you can also move your telecommunications processes to the Cloud as well? Moving your phone and fax to a VoIP service can actually help streamline your processes, provide better customer service and help you maintain better contact with your coworkers–even when you’re not in the office.

Why Choose VoIP?

There are dozens of reasons why you should choose VoIP for business. Some of these benefits include:

• VoIP Service can save you money–often up to 50% off your telecom bill

• Seamless integration: Keep your current number and fax

• Better connectivity and communication between employees and clients

• Better customer service for your clients

Seamless Integration

When you’re ready to make the switch to VoIP, you’ll rest assured knowing that the process is seamless and easy. You can port your current phone and fax numbers right over to the VoIP provider. Your company won’t experience any downtime or delays in customer service due to a lag in phone service.

Better Connectivity and Communication

Monster Technology also offers integrated video conferencing, so you can connect with coworkers and clients at the click of a button. You can even toggle into video conferencing straight from your web browser.

Our integrated video conferencing allows you to stay in touch with coworkers–even when you’re on the road. We offer unified communications, a way to seamlessly connect every part of your telecommunications system. Our web-initiated calling allows you to hop on a call without picking up the phone or pausing your work.

Your business will only have one number. From that one number, you will be able to route customers, clients and vendors through the proper channels. You’ll spend less time routing calls or wasting money on someone to route calls for you.

Better Customer Service

Improve customer service with Click2Call and CRM integration. Click2Call allows you to call anyone at the click of a button.

The CRM integration allows you to continually offer your customers the best possible service you can through call funneling.

Funneling customers to the correct representatives from the time the call begins to the time it finishes offers a more seamless experience. Your customers won’t feel frustrated because they were transferred to the wrong associate. They never find themselves put on hold for an inordinate amount of time.

All of these functions are completed on a private server, so there is no lag time or downtime.

Telephony for Business Phone

One of the best parts about VoIP service is that it allows for complete mobility. You could just as easily conduct business from your office as you would your home, a coffee shop–or the beach. You’ll never be tied down to a desk when you can work remotely.

All of our products come with a free desktop softphone and are compatible with both the iPhone and Android phones via an app.

You can even send faxes on the go with our telephony service. You don’t need a physical fax machine. All you need is a smartphone camera (or an image of the document) to send your fax at lightning-fast speed.