Doing Your Part: How Going Green Begins with Your Office Equipment

There are many ways to make a company more Eco-friendly, like embracing telework and encouraging ride sharing.  But once you get to the office, there is one critical place to focus your attention that can make a big impact on your “green” goals: office equipment. Used daily, office equipment is a huge contributor to your office’s carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Consider the following key tactics that can help make your office equipment more sustainable.

Look for eco-friendly features. Seek out devices that have sleep modes, which save power while preventing the need for complete startups every time you use them. For printing equipment, make sure you have (and use) duplex printing and multiple pages-per-sheet features. Toner-saving modes will help save the earth while saving you some green. Make the most of default settings so planet-friendly behavior is easy and hassle-free.

Insist on energy efficiency. Some office equipment devices use substantial amounts of energy. But fortunately, in addition to boasting environmentally-friendly features, modern equipment is increasingly energy-efficient. Look for Energy Star rated devices, whose energy efficiency settings can reduce your equipment’s electricity usage by as much as 60 percent.

Consolidate devices. What are your actual equipment needs? Over the years, have stray printers and standalone scanners been popping up around the office? It’s easy to buy one-off devices as specific needs arise, but they are often wasteful and require costly consumables to maintain. If so, it may be time for an equipment audit. Once you know what you truly need, consider deploying multifunction printers (MFPs). These all-in-one devices combine printer, scanner, copier, and fax functions. MFPs can consume 40 percent less energy than standalone devices—and you’ll regain some valuable office real estate in the process.

Buy local. Transportation is one of the most environmentally damaging elements of any office’s work. When it comes to your equipment and supplies, choose a local vendor that will use less fuel and produce fewer emissions to bring you the supplies and services you need. You’ll also be strengthening your local economy and building relationships with nearby partners.

Doing business doesn’t have to mean doing damage to the environment, and when going green, office equipment is the perfect place to start. Capitalize on environmentally-friendly features, focus on energy efficiency, and reduce the number of devices in your fleet. Do so while buying local, and you’ll be making a true contribution to protecting the earth every day.

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