5 Ways Your Company Can Benefit From Managed Voice Services

Have you heard of managed voice services? Are you curious if these services may benefit your business? If so, learning about the benefits these offer can help you make an educated decision as to whether they are right for you.
Modern managed voice services will combine the use of your existing internet connection, hosted PBX and hardware, which is all set up, monitored and managed by the service provider you choose. Five of the specific benefits offered by utilizing these services are found here.

1. Free Up Your IT Staff for Other Concerns
If you leave your phone system in the hands of a professional service provider, it means you will have experts monitoring your phones for any issues that arise, and more, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This will provide you with superior peace of mind, knowing that not only are your phones in good hands, but that they will also continue operating, without delay or downtime. In the long run, this service also helps to free up your IT staff, so they can focus on other, more complex and mission-critical problems.

2. Reduce Costs and Improve Your Bottom Line
With a cloud-hosted PBX, all hardware will be moved off premises, and into the cloud. This will help to remove the capital expenditures of more traditional on-site PBX and the costs associated with having to upgrade equipment as it becomes outdated.

3. Constant Monitoring and Upgrades for Your Phone System
When you choose managed voice services, you will have access to an entire team of experts whose sole job is to ensure your phones are continually performing as they should. In fact, the service provider will proactively manage and monitor your entire voice network so that new features and upgrades are always top of mind. This can help to give your business a competitive advantage that traditional phone systems are unable to compete with.

4. Highest Quality of Service
When you hire a professional service provider to manage all aspects of your business’s phone system, they will be able to control all the possible failure points. This offers you an uptime guarantee of virtually 100 percent. Additionally, there are several managed voice service providers who will also offer emergency recovery. What this means is if your phone lines encounter an issue or unexpected situation, you can still feel confident they will remain active, thanks to the call routing and off-site hosting features.

5. Ability to Scale the Phone System as Needed
Because managed voice services will work off of a hosted PBX, there are scalability options that simply aren’t offered with traditional phone systems. Since there isn’t any physical hardware, when you need extra lines, upgrades to available features or software updates, the process can be handled instantaneously. This means you don’t have to wait for technicians to come on-site and install new equipment or manually update your software systems. This type of scalability is something that isn’t available with traditional phone systems.
Managed voice services can offer quite a few benefits for your business. They can help free up your IT department’s valuable time and offer significant cost savings. If you want more information about managed voice services, or to receive a custom quote, contact the professionals at Monster Technology.