7 VoIP Phone System Features to Help Increase Productivity

The team at Tech.co performed a study to see just how much money VoIP phone systems save small businesses each year. This study found that business owners were able to reduce the cost of their local calls by nearly 40 percent with VoIP. These same companies saved nearly 90 percent on international calls.
If you are looking for a way to reduce costs without decreasing your power to communicate with employees and customers, a VoIP system is definitely a great option. Read below to find out about some of the best features you can add to a VoIP system to increase productivity levels.

1. Web Conferencing
Looking for a way to make connecting with clients easier and more effective? Adding a web conferencing feature to your VoIP system is a great idea. With these web conferencing features, you can easily do things like share screens, collaborate on files and even show a client a presentation you have made.
Not only can you collaborate during these conferencing calls, you will be able to record every minute of the interaction to view later if needed. Using this VoIP feature is ideal for business owners who have clients all over the world.

2. Auto Attendant
Providing customers who call in to your business with an easy-to-use menu is important. With the auto attendant feature, you can allow a virtual receptionist to field your calls and get your clients to the right extension. The auto attendant also allows you to record custom greetings, transfer calls and create a company directory.
Using this VoIP feature will help you save time and provide your customers with a higher degree of service when they call in. You can also save money when using this feature due to the fact that it will help you avoid hiring an actual receptionist.

3. Voicemail to Email
The subscribership of VoIP is growing by nearly 14 percent per year. The popularity of this technologically advanced system is partly attributed to features like voicemail to email. If you are like most business owners, you routinely miss calls from clients.
With the voicemail to email addition, you can stay on top of these missed calls. This feature converts the voicemail left by a customer into an email. By using this tool, you can avoid letting the needs of your customers fall through the cracks.

4. Call Presence
The call presence feature allows you to see which of your colleagues in on the phone or have turned on the Do Not Disturb feature. This tool shows when a person you need to talk to is available, which makes communicating with colleagues much simpler.

5. Call Recording
Recording calls provides you with the opportunity to go back and study the details of a conversation with a client. The call recording feature can also be used to train new employees on how to properly handle customers when they call in.

6. Do Not Disturb
Have you ever been so distracted by a constantly ringing telephone that you were unable to focus on a client meeting? The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to keep calls from coming in while you are in important meetings. The inbound calls you receive when this feature is turned on will go straight to your email.

7. E-Fax Capabilities
Modern VoIP systems make it easier than ever to fax documents. Instead of having to manually load every page into a fax machine, you can send a multipage fax with the click of a button with e-fax.
With all of the customized features offered on VoIP systems, there is no mystery why they are so popular. Are you looking for a new VoIP system for your office space? Contact Monster Technology to find out more about the managed voice services they offer.