How MPS Provides a Competitive Edge for Real Estate Agencies

Real estate agencies in Los Angeles and across the country are extremely competitive by nature. It’s a necessary characteristic in order to survive in such a crowded industry. The day-to-day operations in a real estate office take place at a relatively fast pace and require the adoption of efficient practices for optimal results to help ensure success. Real estate companies are required to continually produce and disseminate marketing collateral as new properties are constantly coming on the market for sale or lease. Utilizing a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution is one way to optimize processes and can help your agency stand head and shoulders above the competition.
Initially, real estate companies were required to rely on their own infrastructure to produce contracts, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and property or feature sheets. Offices had to depend on their own staff to manage their printing and print environment, which ultimately translated into inefficiencies and wasted money. However, after outsourcing the management of their printing needs to an MPS provider, real estate agencies have observed a substantial improvement in both efficiency and their bottom lines.
Here’s how an MPS solution can offer a competitive edge to your real estate agency:
Lower Costs
When you outsource your printing needs to an MPS provider, you’ll no longer have to worry about overspending on printing costs. An MPS solution will help you save money by eliminating unnecessary printing, removing redundant or inefficient machines, relocating equipment to the most optimal locations to improve productivity, and employing print management software and cost-saving print solutions. In fact, according to the market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC), businesses can save up to 30 percent by outsourcing their print management to an MPS provider. Further, MPS will simplify billing and provide more predictable monthly fees with no hidden or unexpected costs.
Increased Productivity
When your staff does not have to worry about managing your office’s day-to-day printing responsibilities, they are available to spend more time helping owners sell their properties and finding buyers their dream homes. This additional time spent on buying and selling instead of repairing faulty office technology or replacing consumables translates to improved business operations and a greater bottom line.
Improved Quality and Reliability
The quality of your printed materials improves dramatically with MPS. When you are utilizing high-quality office technology that is regularly monitored and maintained for peak performance, you will reap the benefits. Poor quality documents or marketing materials can have a negative impact on your agency’s reputation. It’s difficult to be considered a professional operation by your clients when you don’t produce quality materials. In addition, you’ll experience less down time, as this professional service will keep your equipment up and running at peak performance. No more jumping in the car to run to an office supply store to print out a contract just before a closing, because you can confidently rely on your MPS partner and your in-house machines.
The real estate fraternity is an extremely lucrative market that also happens to be a paper-intensive one. Therefore, agencies require the adoption of efficient and cost-effective printing practices to ensure success. By trusting the outsourcing of your print environment to an MPS provider, your agency can gain a competitive edge over its counterparts. Contact Monster Technology today to learn more about our dedicated MPS solutions for real estate agencies.