Dr Dennis of Reno, NV Case Study

Client Location: Reno, NV

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Managed Print Services 

The Challenge: Finding a solutions provider that would do more than just ship supplies and fix our office equipment. We were looking for a provider that would give us more of a document consulting service. The invoices from our well know previous provider were always confusing and complicated to understand.

The Results:  More efficient and secure document management system while still cutting our cost and having the right type of office equipment for the practices needs.

Dr. Martin Dennis, MD-Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Reno, NV

“Switching over to Monster technology was easy and much more cost effective than our previous provider. Our monthly costs have been cut down to almost in half. Their executives listened and understood our needs and found a solution  that best fit my practice. My office manager finds their billing to be easier to read and is much more transparent. We are so glad to have found Monster Technology. They are much more than a managed print provider-Monster Technology delivers solutions that make my practice run more efficiently when it comes to document management. I highly recommend their services.”

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