Is Your Business Data Backed Up?


Imagine this: you wake up on a typical day, head to your office, and find out that the worst has happened. A disaster has occured—maybe it’s a fire, a flood, a break-in, or a cyber attack—and your information is compromised. Perhaps it’s worse than compromised: in the truly worst-case scenario, your information is stolen and gone, just like that. In the blink of an eye, your business’s data—full of confidential company, personnel, and client information—could be gone.

This happens every day around the world, and it’s not just big businesses that become the victims of data loss. Small businesses lose information, as well, and the impact on these companies is often disproportionately slanted toward the disastrous. Statistics show that businesses that suffer a significant loss of data are often closed only a few years later—and it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Data is as valuable as money in today’s business world, and a significant loss can equal the end of a small business.

Disaster Recovery is Essential

That’s why many companies are investing in backups and disaster recovery. Do you have a disaster recovery plan for your business? If you don’t, every day that you’re operating is a risk. The worst case scenario can happen at any moment, and without a disaster recovery plan in place, it could spell the end of your company that you’ve worked so hard to build.

A good disaster recovery plan will answer these questions:

  • Where will information be backed up?
  • How often and how complete will backups be?
  • How will I access information in the case of a disaster?

Managed IT services can answer these questions for you by providing the security and peace of mind of regular backups and system monitoring. For more information about managed IT services, contact us today.