Mobile Printing—Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

After successful implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, entrepreneurs are now encouraging mobile printing in the workplace. Traditionally, office-printing solutions required complex networking systems to connect computers with printers. A large printer was capable of connecting to multiple computers using wired LAN. This was convenient for businesses where multiple employees needed to print documents on a daily basis.

However, technology is continuously evolving and bringing convenient features that promote productivity and workplace mobility. Working on the go and the freedom to bring your own devices for work has various advantages for entrepreneurs and employees. These days, the competition is immense; multiple businesses target the same consumers for selling their products. Businesses need to maximize time and cost efficiency in order to gain an edge over competitors. This is why there are many benefits of promoting smart technology usage such as BYOD and mobile printing in the workplace.

For large businesses, it can potentially save thousands of dollars in terms of hardware costs as the need to purchase computing and networking devices can be greatly reduced. Hence, mobile printing holds numerous benefits for a business such as saving time and cost.  Businesses can benefit by integrating mobile printing in the office through sharing capabilities and workplace mobility.

  • Sharing Capabilities —Unlike wired network printing, mobile printing can be shared between many users simultaneously. In network-operated printers, the company needs to setup the framework such as LAN wiring which is later configured on every computer to allow access to the printer. During business expansion, newly purchased computers would have to undergo the entire process again which can hinder operational efficiency and affect productivity. Through mobile printing, users can access the printer using Wi-Fi. It is easier to add new users to the existing list without any hardwiring which makes the process easier and cost effective.
  • Workplace Mobility —Using network printers requires users to access their designated computers physically in order to print documents. The process becomes significantly easier through mobile printing devices – this is because the printer can be accessed using Wi-Fi enabled devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. The employees can conveniently print documents from multiple devices, thus bypassing the need for complex configurations.

In summary, mobile printing solutions is a good option for businesses promoting the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture. Not only does it increase workplace mobility, but also reduces hardware costs and increases printer accessibility.

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