HIPAA Compliance—Don’t Overlook Your Print Environment


Healthcare organizations know they carry a heavy burden when it comes to security. Even one mistake could lead to a violation of HIPAA mandates, putting your entire organization—and your patient’s information—at risk.

Fortunately, there are solutions to help mitigate your risks.

1. Track and Manage Your Devices

With so much to do already, it’s all too easy to miss security vulnerabilities without even realizing it. Not including your printers in your security strategy is a mistake that could lead to substantial penalties, and in a document-intensive environment like healthcare, the print environment is in a constant state of flux.

Overwhelmed by the mere prospect? We hear you! You’ve got a healthcare facility to manage and little time left over to manage your printers. That’s where we come in. Managed Print Services can assist healthcare organizations with a host of print-related duties, and security is just one of them.

2. Secure Your Paper Trays

It seems like a simple solution, but it works; locking paper trays is an easy way to keep passersby from accessing sensitive documents. Whether it’s prescription paper or a private medical record, locked paper trays can do a lot to keep private healthcare information away from unauthorized users.

3. Don’t Overlook Hard Drives

Thousands of documents pass through your multifunction systems and laser printers, and all of them are stored on the hard drives. Work with your Managed Print provider to make sure no device leaves your healthcare facility before the hard drive is scrubbed, encrypted, or removed.

If you’re tired of trying to juggle a complex print environment while still focusing on more pressing responsibilities, give us a call! At Monster Technology, we can help your organization reduce print costs by as much as 30%, give you and your staff more time to focus on patient healthcare, and address security issues on your imaging equipment. Contact us today to learn more!