Optimize Your Print Processes with Rules-Based Printing

Do you ever feel like you’re struggling to manage your company’s copy and print infrastructure? Do you find it difficult to keep your sensitive documents secure, your printing costs down, and your environment footprint within reason? With Print Audit 6, software designed to combat these issues, you can easily get a handle on your print fleet via rules-based printing. This easy-to-use business solution allows you to decide who prints, how much they can print, what devices certain jobs can be printed from, and much more. Print Audit 6’s, three-step process of analysis, rules, and recovery will lead to a detailed understanding of your print environment, enabling you to eliminate printing inefficiencies and realize big savings while ensuring the security of your documents. Here’s how this innovative software can help you get a better handle on what your office is printing and why.

Improve document security
As the cost and impact of data breaches rise, so does the need to protect both the electronic AND physical access points of your printers. With the touch of a button, rules-based printing can bring about a hold on all print jobs at the printer until authorized users release them with an ID. Access to print jobs can be restricted based on authorization, and all transmitted data can be encrypted. Having a surefire way to help secure your sensitive information ensures that no print job puts company information or confidential data at risk.

Control paper waste
It is no secret that printing often results in excess amounts of wasted paper. The average employee prints 35 pages per day, of which 17 percent are never used. With rules-based printing through Print Audit 6, users are informed of the job costs and environmental impact of their print job and asked if it is necessary to print based on this additional information. This holds employees accountable for every document they print and limits print usage at the user level. Additionally, there is the option to charge any excess costs to individual departments, users, or clients so that the impact of wasteful printing is felt and cost-conscious users are created.

Reduce printing costs
A huge factor in the decision to move toward rules-based printing for many organizations is budgetary. Print Audit 6 allows you to route high-volume jobs to low-cost devices automatically, so that the company doesn’t waste money using high-cost machines on low-importance print jobs. This feature significantly lowers the cost of printing, making an impact on your bottom line. Other cost savings are realized by limiting color usage by user, computer, printer, number of pages, application, and much more. Implementing these cost-saving features will eliminate printing inefficiencies, allowing you to cut printing expenses by up to 75 percent.
Managing your printing environment is not as simple as it may seem, but Print Audit 6 through Monster Technology enables you transform it into an efficient, secure, and cost effective fleet. The next time your company is looking for ways to gain control of your printing, consider rules-based printing via Print Audit 6. Contact us today to learn more.