Don’t Overlook These Essential IT Resources


If you were asked to make a list of essential business tools, what would yours include? Would it start with a great coffee maker and a multifunction copier? You’re definitely on to something there, but while you’re at it, don’t forget to include these essential IT resources your company needs to survive and thrive.

1. Data Backup and Recovery

Are you risking everything you’ve worked for by failing to implement a disaster recovery plan? Small businesses who overlook this critical step don’t usually fare well after a disaster; in fact, up to 60% of them are forced to close their doors forever.

A Managed IT Services partnership, and a clear data backup and disaster recovery plan may be the only thing that saves your company from the same fate. With tools like online backup and cloud services, document scanning and document management and disaster recovery strategies, your business can expect a full recovery, even if the worst happens.

2. Security and Updates

It only takes one missed update to put your entire organization at risk. Even your multifunction copiers can cause security vulnerabilities that, left to themselves, could allow hackers unlimited access to your network.

Since you’ve got a business to run and your team can’t be everywhere at once, it makes sense to hand this critical responsibility over to someone with the time, expertise, and tools to get it right.

3. 365/24/7 Monitoring

Network downtime can be a game-changer, but it’s a game where the odds are not in your favor. Managed IT Services can make sure your organization isn’t impacted by network issues. Remote monitoring alerts Managed IT technicians to problems before they have a chance to impact your workflows—and your business.

To find out if you’re missing critical IT resources, contact us at Monster Technology for a Managed IT Services check-up today!