5 Managed IT Service Trends to Expect in 2018

When it comes to managed IT service trends, there is no crystal ball that tells the future. However, by considering the advancements made in 2017, you can easily predict some of the changes coming in 2018. Here you can learn about five managed IT service trends to expect this year, and what they mean for your business.

SMBs Become the Focus of Cyber-Attacks
The online breaches you constantly see in the headlines are usually larger companies, with deep pockets. It makes sense that they are targets. However, because these companies have big budgets for data security, and attackers are searching for easier-to-breach back doors, with less security, their focus is shifting.
The way to reach these business giants is by going through smaller vendors — SMBs providing services. SMBs are much less likely to have high security measures in place, which makes them an easier target for would-be attackers. As a result, it is up to MSPs to provide SMBs with the necessary tools to protect themselves at enterprise levels for the SMB budget.

Increased Acquisitions of Smaller MSPs
There have been more and more mergers and acquisitions in the past year of managed service providers. The “big box” service providers are now moving into the U.S. market, absorbing the similar smaller branches in the local area. The worry for customers is if they are going to receive the same high level of service that local players can provide. This is a time for the regional providers to show customers they can compete.

Data Security and Cybersecurity Are Becoming One and the Same
In the past, you could easily distinguish the risks to your cybersecurity and to your data security separately. Unfortunately, this time has passed. Today, they are considered part of the same conversation and are so highly integrated that it is impossible to talk about one without considering the other. While this is the case, the needed protections are still the same — a robust recovery and backup plan, anti-malware, antivirus protection and disaster recovery.

AI, IoT and the Cloud Need to Be Adapted
Due to the mass adoption of cloud technology, MSPs must be able to provide services that are delivered as a service. It is also important to be prepared for the early adopters of AI and IoT. Both are considered extremely powerful tools that businesses are just beginning to use and harness. Quality service providers need to be able to integrate these technologies or to partner with those in the industry to ensure customers have this option.

There Will Be Major Growth in Security Outsourcing
In a recent survey done by SolarWinds, up to 60 percent of all enterprise respondents stated that they were handling security measures internally — completely or in part — but over 80 percent of these respondents were planning to make the switch to an outsourced model during the next year. This is because internal resources are too expensive, which is the ideal time for cost-effective service providers to step in.
When it comes to managed service provider trends, there is no question that things are changing. If you are concerned with your MSP being unable to keep up, now may be a good time to make a change. Contact the staff at Monster Technology to learn how all these considerations are being kept in mind, and how their services will address new issues.