The ROI of Hiring Managed IT Services

Information Technology is an integral part of business today, no matter the industry. Unfortunately, poorly managed IT can have substantial costs. Slow computers and access problems get in the way of daily business, so outsourcing the management of your IT to a managed services provider can be a smart investment for many businesses. When calculating your return on investment (ROI) for Managed IT services, consider the following factors.

Cost — What’s the dollar value to your business of a lost order? How about a lost customer? IT issues frustrate customers and can easily send them looking for other solutions. System failures can translate to substantial losses in ordering and manufacturing, as well as shipping. Even the smallest issues add up quickly. According to 2015 disaster recovery statistics, downtime that lasts for one hour can cost small businesses as much as $8,000.

Time — Some have the perception that technology inefficiencies are minor issues. However, over time these efficiency costs can add up dramatically. Consider the difference between operating at 95 percent efficiency and 99 percent efficiency over the course of an entire year—suddenly the numbers aren’t so small. Just a 4-5 percent increase in productivity (a conservative estimate) can more than pay for itself, not to mention the training time saved by outsourcing IT issues to designated managed IT professionals.

Energy — Although well-managed IT can save power, here we’re referring to strategic energy: mental focus and productivity. When team members spend their time on day-to-day IT support tasks, they lose the critical time and perspective they need to develop strategy and work on value-adding projects. You could be paying someone on your IT team with specialized knowledge like web development, but instead they are spending their time on entry-level help desk work. With Managed IT in Los Angeles, you’ll offload these basic tasks to your provider and get your team members focused on areas in which they can really make a difference.

With Managed IT, you bring an outside partner onto your team to provide specialist knowledge and dedicated time to your organization. They’ll hit the ground running with the expert services, tools, insights and expertise you need. Managed IT can prevent costly downtime, improve efficiencies, and get your employees get back to work that moves your business forward in a meaningful way. Call Monster Technology today to determine if Managed IT services in Los Angeles is a good investment for your company.