Top Benefits of MPS Implementation

Printing seems like a simple enough daily activity. But, increasingly businesses are realizing that printing is about more than refilling the paper tray. By moving to Managed Print Services (MPS), you can outsource the headaches and hassles of identifying the right technology, keep equipment in tip-top shape, and ensure the right supplies are ready when needed.

What does it really take to manage this aspect of your work, and how can using Managed Print Services benefit your company?


Reduce costs – For many businesses, the bottom line is the top consideration. Managed Print Services can reduce printing costs by as much as 30 percent. Often businesses aren’t even aware of their printing costs, scattered as they are among various department budgets. Hidden costs also creep in, including staff time lost on infrastructure maintenance. Centralized service empowers you to operate efficiently and keep track of usage data. Knowing precisely who is using which printing resources enables you to identify processes in need of streamlining.


Reclaim staff time – Your staff’s time and expertise are your most precious commodities, and conserving them is one of the most frequently overlooked benefits of MPS. With Managed Print Services, you can reclaim the power of your people. From troubleshooting print-quality issues to performing routine maintenance, your MPS partner will free up your staff’s time and energy. IT personnel, in particular, can focus their efforts on technology initiatives that move your business forward.


Streamline workflows – Technology is changing more rapidly than ever, and the expertise brought to the table with Managed Print Services provides you with the right tools for your particular needs. Whether moving to multifunction devices or deploying specialized tools for specific tasks, MPS streamlines workflows. MPS also eliminates the hassle of ordering supplies and troubleshooting problems. Instead of being distracted by equipment and print-related tasks, you can focus on meeting your business’ strategic goals.


Improve sustainability – The holistic, lifecycle approach of Managed Print Services ensures that your printing strategy is aligned with your budget needs and commitment to social responsibility. Initial assessment and ongoing data monitoring will ensure that you work with sophisticated equipment targeted to meet your needs, and keeping that equipment well maintained will optimize the use of consumables and reduce wasteful errors. Meanwhile, recycling toner cartridges reduces your impact on your local landfill. With Managed Print Services, details of good corporate citizenship are taken care of for you.


Managed Print Services brings specialized expertise to one of your essential operational elements. MPS provides the knowledge to deploy streamlined solutions, the data to make smart choices, the freedom to focus on your strategic work, and the tools to increase long-term sustainability.


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