Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Printer

Printer technologies are constantly improving. When was the last time you evaluated the performance of your printers and multifunction devices? The list of available features and options integrated into modern printers grows each year, and while this is ultimately good for the buyer, it can complicate the decision-making process. With so many options, how can you pick the right device to fit your needs? Luckily, answering a few simple questions can help you determine the right printer for your business.

Before you purchase your next printer, consider the following questions.

Do you need a single-function or multifunction printer (MFP)?

The first step to choosing the best machine for your business is to determine whether or not your office needs an MFP—an all-in-one device that combines printing, faxing, copying, and scanning features. The relatively small footprint of an MFP will save valuable office space, rather than having individual machines to accomplish these tasks separately. MFPs also offer innovative features, like scan-to-email and scan-to-file functionalities. Conversely, single-function printers tend to print faster, are easier to operate, and are more affordable than MFPs.

Is color printing necessary?

If you plan to use your new printer for typical, monochrome documents—like emails, word processing files, and letters—then monochrome may be your best choice. However, if you find yourself contacting local print shops regularly to produce marketing materials like brochures or flyers, it may be time to consider bringing color printing in-house. The cost of outsourcing projects can add up over time, and queuing up behind other print jobs is inconvenient at best.

How much do you print?

To ensure that your new device can handle all of your printing needs, it is important to know your current monthly outputs. Taking stock of your average paper use will provide additional perspective of your printing needs. Once you understand your outputs and paper usage, pick a printer that is designed to match your needs.

Will it easily connect with your existing print fleet?

Several options are available that allow you to connect your computer to your new printer. Printers designed specifically for office use typically include both USB and Ethernet ports, whereby a cord physically connects your two machines. Wireless connections are also available, allowing for multiple users—or entire departments—to seamlessly connect to a single networked printer. If you plan to have more than one team member use the same device, ensure wireless connectivity is a feature on your new machine. Additionally, check to see if your machine will easily integrate with your existing print fleet and if software is included to help guide you through instillation, troubleshooting, and upgrading.

Is it easy to use?

Determine how much training will be required to teach your team how to effectively integrate your new device into office workflows, ensuring intuitive operating processes. Most devices are designed to be user friendly, but some specialized printers require some training. Also, consider if hardware support, either online or on-site, is included as part of your lease or purchase agreement or from the manufacturer.

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