Top 4 Reasons to Bring Color Printing In-house

For years, businesses have relied on external vendors to create their printed materials; there was simply no other way to get the quantity and quality needed. But nowadays, top-notch in-house printing is an increasingly valid and cost-effective option. Color printing especially is a must-have to garner audience attention in our distracted world, and is also now more accessible than ever to businesses of all sizes—even SMBs.

Read on for four compelling reasons to bring color printing in-house.

1. Cost. Color printers and MFPs are more affordable than ever. For the majority of short-run printing jobs, it’s more cost-effective to print in-house, where mandatory minimums and per-page fees don’t artificially inflate costs, as they oftentimes do at your local print shop. Additionally, you’ll typically pay the same cost-per-page using a vendor whether the page is covered in color or only has a color image or two. But, with in-house color printing you typically only pay only for the resources you actually use.

2. Quality. Not only are in-house devices more accessible, but modern color print quality is outstanding. In fact, the same equipment used in individual offices can often be found in professional print shops. In-house printers can handle a variety of media types (postcard stock, brochures, and labels, just to name a few), and can also have convenient finishing options built in. With modern, affordable color printers, there’s no need to outsource a print job just to get the folding or stapling done.

3. Control. You are in complete control with in-house printing. You can set print limits by department or individual staff member, and keep confidential and sensitive information secure. In-house printing also enables you to print exactly the quantity you need, unlike external printing, which can require high minimum volumes to see any discounts. No more worrying about hundreds of out-of-date brochures from last year.

4. Convenience. With in-house color printing, you get to choose your priorities. Your business is the one and only client, and the independent business concerns of an external print shop—like profits and other customers—are eliminated. No more waiting through days or weeks of lead time. You can print on-demand, same day if needed. In-house printing also saves you from navigating cumbersome back-and-forth design negotiations and managing account logistics.

With today’s technology and media environment, color printing is more accessible and more valuable than ever. Consider in-house color printing for lower costs, excellent print quality, better control, and unbeatable convenience. Contact Monster Technology today to explore your color printing options.

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