5 Reasons MPS is a Critical Component of Risk Management

Every day, businesses process enormous amounts of data, from ephemera like receipts and meeting agendas, to confidential reports and HIPAA-protected records. Ever-present is the potential for loss—of funds, business opportunities, employee confidence, and customer trust.

You’ve no doubt taken steps to limit your risk, but did you know that Managed Print Services (MPS) is a critical part of a robust risk management strategy? Read on to learn why.

MPS protects against errors and accidents — Some of the most common mishaps that put your company at risk are simple print errors that can be prevented by MPS. System defaults help prevent jobs from being sent to the wrong printer, while pull-printing—which only releases documents once a user enters an access codes or scans their security card—makes sure that only the job owner actually retrieves the printed document.

MPS shields digital data — Data of all kinds is vulnerable to theft and malware, so printers in your MPS fleet use encrypted data transmission for print jobs. Printer hard drives can also be encrypted, while short-term printer memory can be erased after a print job is completed. MPS ensures that all your bases are covered when it comes to document security.

MPS integrates workflow and physical environment — Did you know that even the location of your machines can put your company at risk? With MPS, your devices will undergo a custom layout assessment to make sure confidential data is protected. This may mean a dedicated desktop scanner and under-desk shredder for one person processing sensitive incoming documents, while your accounting team may share a multifunction device in a secure area only they can access. MPS makes sure to maximize the efficiency of your devices while keeping costs as low as possible.

MPS monitors usage — MPS technology helps you keep track of not only efficiency considerations, but also security issues. Thanks to MPS’ intelligent systems you’ll have access to usage data on your printers, so you can know who printed what, when. This is helpful when it comes to controlling costs, as well as the flow of information across departments.

MPS limits access to vulnerable information — MPS provides in-house print capabilities that eliminate the need for sending important files out to print shops. Customer addresses, accounting paperwork, human resource information, and confidential business plans all remain within your company.

MPS provides a suite of solutions that are essential for helping manage risk in your company. From device selection and placement to encryption and pull-printing, Monster Technology is here to help.

Contact us today for an MPS assessment and get your risk under control.

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