How to Properly Recycle Printer Toner Cartridges in Large Quantity

Used toner cartridges can accumulate quickly and before you know it, your business is struggling to find the storage space needed to keep empty toner cartridges.  With more than 350 million printer toner cartridges filling landfills every year, proper cartridge recycling, especially large quantities, is more imperative now than ever.

Spent printer cartridges need to be disposed of in a particular manner to ensure safety to the environment and everyone involved. Fortunately for your company, Monster Technology offers some very convenient tips to recycle printer toner cartridges.

Drop them off at a local office supply store or hire a printer supply company that accepts empty cartridges.

There are many print management companies and office supply stores that would gladly accept your empty printer toner cartridges. A simple search on the web will give you plenty of names for printer supply companies or office supply stores accepting spent printer cartridges.

You can also check with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a list of establishments near you that will accept toner cartridges and other electronic waste. You can bring your toner to the locations and they will accept them, some will even pay cash!

Consider refilling your printer toner cartridges.

If you have the original brand toner that have only been used once, there is always the option of refilling and reusing your cartridges if you use the correct toner refill. There are kits available online for purchase that include the proper tools and the reset chip just make sure you purchase the appropriate brand.

Get the whole office excited to recycle printer toner cartridges.

Recycling large quantities of printer toner cartridges works best with team effort, especially if you work in an office with multiple printers. A few simple steps are all it takes to get company-wide participation:

  • Establish one toner collection location and make sure to inform everyone of this location.
  • Make sure you are frequently mentioning the toner recycling endeavor in newsletters and business wide emails.
  • Offer incentives for the best recycling efforts on a monthly basis to promote printer toner recycling initiatives.