How Office Supplies Can Boost Team Morale

In any company, no matter the size, your people are your greatest asset. Are you investing in their well-being? When your team spends eight hours a day (or more!) in the office, it’s up to you to provide an environment that is pleasant, welcoming, and conducive to good morale.

Morale isn’t just about feeling good—research shows that with a positive mindset, employee performance improves on most every level, from productivity to creativity to engagement. Happy team members are better, more innovative collaborators. Read on for a few ideas to improve your employees’ quality of life.

Improve Comfort
Whether your employees sit at computers or stand at cash registers, a little comfort goes a long way. Make a long day of sitting more comfortable with an ergonomic chair, lumbar support, and a foot rest. Desk supplies can also be tweaked to improve your employees’ daily comfort, from a vertical wireless mouse to a wrist rest or an kergonomic keyboard. A monitor stand will help keep an employee’s head and neck at a healthy angle, while a stability ball or resistance bands can provide a much-needed stretch break.

Maximize Convenience
Everyone loves food, even (especially!) at the office. Sixty-seven percent of employees with access to free food reported being “very” or “extremely” happy with their current job. Keeping a stock of healthy and delicious snacks “helps employees be more excited about coming to work,” says InkHouse’s co-founder Beth Monaghan in USA Today. Keep them hydrated and happy with water, tea, and coffee.

Provide Calm
In a world full of digital distractions, a bit of calm and focus goes a long way. A zen garden is a great tool to help employees get centered before a stressful meeting, while a friendly tomato timer can encourage focus with the Pomodoro technique. And don’t forget to bring in some plants to brighten everyone’s mood. NASA’s research on air-cleaning plants suggests having at least one plant per 100 square feet of office space.

Support Camaraderie
From team celebrations to mugs with the company logo, regularly give your employees a reason to smile. Recognition events and group lunches that bring employees together can actually improve their productivity.

Happy employees are productive employees, so make the office a better place for your team. Call on Monster Technology to get the office supplies that will have your employees smiling from Monday through Friday.