HP PageWide Technology: Reinventing Expectations

When we heard about HP’s new PageWide Technology, we couldn’t wait to be a part of it. This new inkjet printing approach can transform your print operations—by moving the paper under a stationary printhead, PageWide printers deliver professional-quality results without slowing you down.

If you thought laser printers were fast, wait until you see HP PageWide printers at work. HP PageWide Technology consists of more than 200,000 nozzles on a stationary print bar. Their single-pass technology means you can get up to 75 black & white or color pages per minute—as much as two-times faster than laser printers. Multifunction PageWide Printers are even more powerful; they add single-pass, two-sided scanning and enable you to truly multitask. You can keep workflows moving by scanning, copying, or faxing while someone else is printing. No more suffering from printer paralysis.

Print Quality
HP PageWide Technology relies on legendary HP pigments to produce vivid colors and deep blacks on a wide range of media. Ink application is engineered to sub-micron precision—with uniform volume, speed, and trajectory—providing consistent image quality. Grayscale documents also get crisp lines and fine detail. PageWide liquid inks dry rapidly, making prints ready-to-use straight out of the printer. Internally, the printers service their own printheads to keep print quality high: capping prevents ink from clogging the nozzles, conditioning refreshes the ink, and plate wiping removes any dust and ink accumulation.

With PageWide printers, black & white documents can be printed at the same cost as (or lower than) similar LED printers, while color document costs are the lowest in the market. PageWide’s outstanding speed even saves money by cutting prep time and production costs. The printers, ENERGY STAR-certified, use as much as 84 percent less energy per page than their laser cousins; and for the very best value, choose high-yield cartridges.

HP PageWide Technology is a remarkable evolutionary step in printing, and we’re excited to bring it to our customers. With PageWide, you can move past the trade-off of quality versus speed normally faced with inkjet printing, and get affordable, fast, high-quality prints. HP is offering a 90-day money back guarantee on these machines, so stop sacrificing and start creating. Learn more about HP PageWide Technology or call Monster Technology today.