MPS Basics: How Much Does Printing Cost?

Printing is at the heart of the workflows of many businesses. Unfortunately, printing can also be one of the most difficult areas to control and track when it comes to costs. If your business is struggling when it comes to managing the costs of printing, you should consider Managed Print Services. Here is some information about how much printing costs and how Managed Print Services can help.

How Much Does Printing Cost?

Document Strategy conducted a study about printing costs and found that a firm with 1,000 employees will likely spend $500,000 on printing every year. As you can imagine, this can amount to a substantial chunk of a business’s revenue and is a crucial area of overhead to consider for your monthly budget. Fortunately, Managed Print Services can help reduce printing costs by up to 30 percent. Here are a few reasons why printing costs businesses so much and ways MPS can help reduce that cost.

Abandoned and Lost Print Jobs

One issue that contributes to high printing costs is abandoned and lost print jobs. Chances are, you’ve gone to fetch documents from the printer only to find a stack of abandoned outputs in the tray or near the printer. Due to the many distractions in a workplace, it is easy for employees to forget about a print job or send a print job to the wrong device. Unfortunately, this can increase printing costs for a company significantly.

Fortunately, Managed Print Services can help resolve this issue by introducing pull-printing. With pull-printing, the owner of the print job will need to use an access card or a personal print code to complete a print job. Not only will pull-printing help your business save money, but it will also improve security.

Wasteful Printing Habits

Managed Print Services will also help you eliminate wasteful printing habits. For example, odds are, many of your employees only print documents on one side of the page. Some employees may use color to print documents when it’s not absolutely necessary. A Managed Print Services solution will allow you to put system-wide defaults in place to reduce wasteful printing habits with rules-based printing.

Monitor Usage

You may have a few employees who are more wasteful than others when it comes to printing. For example, an employee may unnecessarily print every email that they receive. Other employees may use the printer for their personal needs, like printing airline tickets or coupons. An MPS solution will allow you to monitor usage and employ individual usage caps if necessary.

If you’re not sure how much your company spends on printing, it is definitely worthwhile to find out. To learn more about Managed Print Services and printing costs, contact Monster Technology today.