5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New IT Service Provider

According to a study conducted by Small Business Trends, nearly 27 percent of the small businesses polled did not have professional tech support. While cutting corners to save money is something you should be passionate about as a small business owner, there are limitations to how far you need to go to hang on to a dollar. Trying to handle your own tech support is a recipe for disaster.
If you currently work with an IT company but aren’t really happy with the level of service they provide, finding a new company to work with may be your best bet. Below are some of the signs you may notice telling you it’s time to get a new IT service provider.

1. Persistent Tech Issues
Statistics show that over $700 billion is lost each year due to productivity issues caused by business computer problems and network outages. The only way to ensure your business computer network is reliable and safe is by working with a competent and experienced IT professional. Does your current IT provider have a hard time resolving your tech issues? If so, you need to start the search for a new company. The last thing you want is to be unable to serve your customers due to consistent tech problems and outages. Working with an IT company that has a proven track record is the only way to get your issues resolved once and for all.

2. Slow Response Times
When a piece of your business technology isn’t working, it can affect different parts of your company. A broken computer network causes emails not to be sent and lots of tasks to go uncompleted. The job of a managed IT service provider is to respond quickly when there is an outage or computer repair problem. If your current IT provider is very slow to respond to your problems, then it is probably time to replace them.

3. Inconsistent or Unclear Billing
Are you confused each time you receive a bill from your current IT provider? If the bills you are being provided are vague and confusing, it is time for a change. The last thing you want is to waste hours of your precious time trying to decipher a complicated bill from a tech support provider. You need to find a company with a straightforward billing process so you can minimize the amount of stress and confusion you deal with on a monthly basis.

4. Lack of Employee Stability
Working with an IT company that goes through employees like you go through office supplies can be a bit frustrating. Ideally, you want to work with an IT company that has reliable and loyal employees. Dealing with the same employees time and time again will allow you to develop a rapport.

5. No Proactive Suggestions
Waiting until your network is broken or under attack to implement new IT strategies is pointless. If your existing IT provider does not offer you any suggestions on how to avoid repairs and problems with your network, then it is probably time to show them the door. Working with an IT provider that is passionate and proactive about network security and performance can benefit you greatly in the long run.
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