Managed IT: Increase Your ROI by Outsourcing

IT is one of the leading business expenses in the modern business climate. Equipment, infrastructure, and staffing are all pricey, and usually, IT solutions have to be crafted by leaders who aren’t industry experts. The simple and obvious solution is to outsource the problem. While many are concerned about costs, data suggests that Managed IT will increase ROI on all aspects of technology services. These are three ways that return is maximized.

Training Costs

IT has notoriously high turnover rates. Most of this is due to a talent shortage. Technology is growing faster than positions can be filled, and talent poaching is a major problem. You can easily mitigate turnover and training costs when you turn to Managed IT. A specialized company can focus part of its budget on talent acquisition and retention. While some of that will be reflected in your contract, the direct cost is diluted—particularly if your outsourced IT is good at what they do.

Efficient Management

It happens on a near-daily basis in every industry. Internal IT departments have to answer to superiors who don’t fully understand the subject matter. Communication gets bungled, expectations deviate, and money is wasted through poor efficiency. A specialized IT company is typically run by genuine experts in their field. This helps bridge communication gaps between managers and IT specialists. Inefficiency will cost the IT company rather than yours, and it incentivizes them to set proper expectations from the start.


IT needs can cost a lot of man-hours. Compounding that is the temptation to allocate IT resources for nonessential work. Managed IT helps it two ways. First, the management group carries the burden of inefficient productivity and overtime when projects aren’t managed properly. Additionally, your IT team (or most tech-savvy employee) can get back to value-added work once IT issues are outsourced to a third-party provider. A study by IDC showed that businesses, on average, get more than a 40 percent boost to productivity when they outsource their IT needs.

In the big picture, the ROI on outsourcing IT shows quickly. Most businesses are seeing net gains within six months, and overall returns regularly eclipse 200 percent. To learn more about our Reno-based Managed IT and ways it can specifically pertain to your business, contact Monster Technology today. We’ll make certain you have everything you need to map a proper IT plan.