Make the Switch to a Digital Office with Document Management

If you run a brick-and-mortar business, you more than likely have space issues. For instance, you might have too many paper files that you could more easily store, retrieve, and collaborate on if you used a digital document management solution to digitize your documents. If hardcopy files aren’t working for your business, maybe it is time to stop using traditional filing systems and use electronic indexing software instead.

Digital Document Management vs. Traditional Paper Filing

A digital document management solution involves the use of storing files electronically rather than a physical format. In many cases, digital storage also now involves uploading electronic files online for backup and recovery purposes. Unlike traditional paper filing, digital documents do not require rows of storage cabinets, so converting paper files to digital ones can free up valuable office or storage space and the overhead that is associated with it.

Since digital documents take up less room and are easier to locate, digital file management costs less to maintain than paper filing systems. Securing digital files also becomes less expensive and arduous than protecting papers stored in physical cabinets, boxes, drawers, and rooms.

Digital Document Management Software Features

Digital software used for managing files requires significantly less effort to index your files in a meaningful, logical way. Furthermore, you will find it easier and quicker to locate a document using built-in search tools. Additional features of digital file management software include:

  • Customized file management – For instance, most document management solutions’ dashboard windows can be arranged in a way that provides you with the easiest, most convenient access to important information.
  • Heightened document security – You can restrict access to files that you store in your digital file management library.
  • Easy conversion of paper files – Just scan your files and upload them to your document library.
  • Flexibility of the system – You can keep some files in physical form while deciding to scan and upload other documents.

Benefits of using A Digital Filing System

A single office employee is said to use about 10,000 sheets of paper per year. Therefore, using a digital document storage system can reduce paper waste. Using less paper also can prevent your office from having to spend $20 to file each document and more than $120 to retrieve a missing file. Employees also can spend up to three times fewer hours than they would searching for documents.

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