Improve Workflow with a Multifunction Printer

A multifunction printer (MFP) provides several key office devices in one package. With an MFP, you and your team can do more with less. A typical MFP works as a printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner. Let’s take a closer look at how having all these functions in one machine can dramatically improve workflow for you and your business.

Free Up Space with MFP

Most business machines require dedicated space. Some of those machines can take up huge chunks of space. Each device will also need space for plugs and wiring to keep them up and running.

Combining the most common office machinery into one device will free a tremendous amount of space in your office. The added space will give your office more room allowing you and others to move freely to get tasks done. In addition, you might think up other positive workflow scenarios with your extra space.

  • You can add a new employee or workstation
  • You can free up wire and cable clutter
  • You can add a feature others will enjoy, like a vending machine or water dispenser

You may also discover other benefits that come from freeing up space and eliminating large power-hungry devices.

Multiple Operations from One Device

Completing multiple operations from one device saves a substantial amount of time. For example, you can scan an important document, produce a copy of it, and then fax it over to a client without needing to visit multiple devices. Getting more done from one device will help your office accomplish time-consuming tasks quickly.

Reduce Time Spent On Maintaining Equipment

If you have a dedicated device for every document related process, you also have to spend time keeping up with the equipment. You will need to spend time on:

  • Ordering consumables for each piece of equipment
  • Separately performing maintenance on each piece of equipment
  • Loading, calibrating, checking, and testing each piece of equipment

A multifunction printer not only eliminates many of these time-wasters, but it will also benefit your energy costs. If you’re looking to upgrade to an MFP, contact Monster Technology today.