The Impact of Toner Recycling

Recycling of everything from paper to used cardboard boxes and aluminum cans is becoming the norm not only at home but in business. Businesses in Los Angeles are recycling their toner cartridges. How does one recycle toner cartridges, and what is the impact of toner recycling?

Toner Cartridge Recycling & Refilling

Many vendors also engage in toner recycling. When your toner has been used up and the cartridge needs replacing, your business can return the used item to the vendor, who will then refill and resell it at a reduced price. Several charities also engage in toner recycling and will accept used ones. Some organizations, such as eCycle Group, Cartridges for Kids and Recycle4Charity will not only accept used cartridges but will also provide free shipping.

The first obvious impact of toner recycling is that it helps the environment. Toner cartridges may seem small, but businesses use plenty. Tossing toners away will clog landfills, and the residual ink will get into the water supply. Toner cartridges in landfills can take up to a thousand years to decompose.

Other Benefits of Toner Recycling

The second benefit of toner recycling is that it saves on material and energy needed to manufacture new ones. A toner cartridge may seem like something easy to create, but again, businesses around the world use many more than you think. Recycling toner cartridges create more savings in materials and energy. Because oil and natural gas are two materials used to make plastic, a substance most toners are manufactured with, the environmental savings become more obvious.

Save Your Money VS The Standard Cartridges

Toner recycling can save a considerable amount of money, not only in the supply chain but for your business. If you recycle used toners and also purchase refilled used toners, you may have cut costs for your company. Cost savings are a good thing, especially when combined with helping the environment.

If you have any further questions concerning toner recycling in Los Angeles and how it can help the environment, save energy and materials, while cutting costs, contact Monster Technology today!