Upgrading: How A New Printer Increases Efficiency

What business isn’t looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce expenses?  Few, however, think about doing an upgrade on their printer as a way to do both. The fact is that investing in your office tools can have an immense impact on your bottom line while helping your team be as effective in their jobs as possible. To determine whether or not it’s time to upgrade your printer, consider the following:

  1. How often is your printer requiring service?
  2. Has your print quality diminished?
  3. Do you have the modern functionality needed to get the job done right?
  4. How long does it take to complete your average print job?
  5. Do you want to save money and be more efficient?

When thinking of saving money and increasing efficiency, consider the following four reasons why an upgrade to your office printer makes good business sense:

Reduced Downtime

Every machine, whether it’s your car or office printer, has a specific lifespan. The simple fact is that new, upgraded printers break down less. Downtime of your office printers can drive your business to a halt, which results in a measurable loss of productivity. Businesses may find themselves having to make the repairs in-house or hire someone from the outside to take care of the problem (which can mean big bucks to a smaller company). Both solutions cost money and mean time away from doing the job at hand. But, newer machines come with less worry and may offer a maintenance plan as part of their package, giving you peace of mind moving forward.

Costs Rise With Age

Older models get more expensive as they age. Even in the age of the internet, replacement parts become increasingly difficult to find on older models or can be prohibitively expensive to businesses. In addition, toners and cartridges may be more expensive than newer ones that are produced in large quantities for the current market. Or, simply consider what you are missing out on from using old consumables, as they lack the advances in manufacturing and design compared to their modern counterparts. Oftentimes, modern parts equate with cost savings.

Built-in Energy Savings

Newer printers are more energy-efficient than ever, as ENERGY STAR office equipment is more popular and widely available at affordable pricing. Energy-saving machines shut down or go into sleep mode when not in use, reducing your energy consumption, your carbon footprint, and your electric bill.

Newer Tech = More Functionality

Could your business benefit from a tech upgrade? Upgrading your printer oftentimes equates to acquiring modern features, creating more flexibility, streamlining workflows, and maximizing efficiency. Many of the modern printers that make sense for businesses are multifunction printers, allowing for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing all in one machine. And since they have networking capabilities, you can do all of these functions without leaving your desk. Advanced capabilities via software solutions provide even better solutions for the modern office, including options that help with print management, document storage and retrieval, data backup, and more.

Let Us Help

Printers, like computers and cell phones, have a limited lifespan. Advances in technology in the last few years have made today’s printers faster, and they’re loaded with new features to make your job easier. Upgrading or replacing your printers with newer models can make your workplace more efficient and save you money. For more information, contact Monster Technology today. We can help you find a solution that is right for you.