What Would Happen If You Lost Your Data?

How much data does your company have saved right now? Most small-to-medium sized businesses hold onto a few terabytes of storage that includes customer relationship management data, vendor information, billing and payroll records, taxes and legal filings, and loads of vital documents. This information is essential to the day-to-day operation of a company, and yet most SMBs don’t have daily backups happening—or if they do have backups at all, they’re not complete or accessible.

This is the reality of modern business: backing up your data is as important as (or more important than) locking your doors at night. Your information is your number one asset—it’s how you keep ahead of the competitive curve and serve clients quickly and accurately. Are you treating your data with the care you should?

That Call You Never Want to Get

What if you woke up tomorrow morning to a phone call telling you all of your business data was lost. Maybe a fire happened, or maybe your IT department caught a malicious hacker who made off with all your company’s confidential information. Whatever the case, the question you have to ask yourself is: “Would I be able to operate if I got this call tomorrow morning?”

If you have the correct IT management and proper backups, the answer should be “YES.” But if you’re not sure, the answer is probably a resounding no, and that’s the kind of reality that will keep your business from continuing if and when a disaster happens. Companies as large as Sony and Target haven’t been immune from data loss and theft—don’t assume that your SMB is, either.

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