Boost Productivity with Managed IT

Many companies outsource the management of their IT operations by partnering with a highly-qualified Managed IT provider. This growing trend will only continue to increase in popularity as the managed services market is expected to reach an incredible $242.45 billion by 2021, according to Markets and Markets, a leading market research firm. These partnerships are not limited to large companies with enormous budgets; on the contrary, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are among the top customers of managed network services.

Why are so many SMBs outsourcing their IT needs to managed services providers? While there are many significant benefits to these partnerships, among the most impactful is the ability to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. Organizations are able to be more competitive when they free up their IT staff and resources to allocate them to more important, value-adding tasks. This increased competiveness directly impacts their bottom line. According to Techaisle—a data-driven global SMB IT market research and industry analyst organization—54 percent of US SMB buyers say that managed services help improve their bottom-line, contribute to profitability, and reduce costs. In addition, 46 percent state that they view and have experienced managed services as a technology contributing to growth and revenue.

Partnering with a trusted managed network services provider enables your IT staff members to devote their time and effort to improving the way your company does business, rather than spending it on less critical, mundane tasks such as installing software patches or troubleshooting and putting out infrastructure fires. As you competitor’s staff is still saddled with addressing software installations and help desk nightmares, your resources instead will be focused on your business needs and goals. With your low-value day-to-day IT tasks in the hands of a capable managed IT provider, your employees’ time is free to spend on strategic initiatives and mission-critical areas, as well as revenue-generating and growth activities.

At Monster Technology, we understand that every business is different, therefore our custom managed IT solutions can be tailored to fit organizations of any size in any industry. To learn more, contact us today.