Are Copiers Still Needed in 2017?

Going green and opting for paperless orientation has become a trend for organizations. However, we are still far from entirely removing printers and copiers from our corporate lives. The modern organization endeavors to reduce its carbon footprint and encourages paperless processes and transactions, nevertheless, the need for having documents printed and copied still exists.

With various technological advancements, copiers and printers now have many other uses. Adapting to our needs.

Innovative Printing

Copiers are a necessary piece of office equipment even today. We live in a time when a phone is not just a phone and hundreds of other devices deliver more value than their designed utility – so why can a copier not be multi-functional? Advanced computer software and integrated circuits (ICs) used in the manufacturing of printers ensure that you can save time, money and use the device as a base for information distribution.

Modern manufacturers of copiers have incorporated various technological advancements such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and other wireless network capabilities. Gone are the days when the printing room was an isolated corner and you had to wait in queues to use the photocopier machine.

Now, you can simply press the ‘send to print’ button from the convenience of your desk, choose the printer you want to use and voila – there comes your document! Modern and highly innovative multi-functioning copiers possess the ability to produce high-quality prints at lightning fast speeds and reduced costs. The copy machines can also be used as scanners – the documents you scan can be directly emailed to anyone on (or off) the network. The copier is now a printer, scanner and network device – all at the same time.

Choosing the Right Printer

The office space maybe going digital, but people still want to print. We are a long way from going completely paperless. So, when you are considering buying a photocopier machine or a printer, make sure that you choose one from a reputable company. Features offered by the manufacturer should be leveraged against the very specific requirements of your organization.  If you need a device to make copies, investing a bit more and getting a device that has wireless printing features as well can save you a lot of hassle in the future.  Another important consideration that your selected vendor should offer is maintenance of the machine and possibly a guarantee as well.

The dream of working in a paperless office persists, but this remains far from a reality.  If you are ready to tame your technology monster? Contact us today!