Copier and Printer Maintenance Best Practices 

Not only does your office equipment represent a substantial investment for your company, it’s also a crucial component of the daily operations of your business. That’s why it is so important to make sure your equipment is properly taken care of throughout the year. Maintaining your office equipment should be amongst the regular initiatives you take to help improve your business. Let’s take a look at some printer maintenance tips to ensure that you avoid the dreaded downtime that comes with broken equipment.

  • Keep your equipment clean. Dust and debris are common culprits to machine breakdowns. Regularly cleaning your machines is just as important as keeping your workplace clean. Wipe them down and use a can of compressed air to clean the dust out from cracks and hard-to-reach spots. When cleaning the glass, spray glass cleaner directly onto a lint-free, nonabrasive cloth before wiping it down.
  • Properly and swiftly take care of paper jams. Paper jams can leave behind bits of paper fibers that can get lodged in the machine. Over time, these can build up and cause problems. Always clean out the areas that were affected by a jam immediately. Again, a can of compressed air comes in handy here.
  • Use the proper products that are applicable to your machine. Check with your office equipment provider to ensure that you are using the right ink and toner for your machine. Using the right supplies will help improve the longevity of your machines. High quality paper also helps reduce dust in your devices.
  • Proper placement of machines goes a long way. Keep your office equipment away from extreme temperatures. Stay away from heaters and areas of extreme cold. These kinds of extreme temperatures can cause major damage to your machines, such as overheated equipment or complete breakdowns.
  • Regular printer maintenance is a MUST. Even though this is the last bullet listed here, it certainly is not least in importance. Regular printer maintenance from a qualified service professional will ensure that your device stays up and running for the long run. This is a preventive approach that can often help you spot potential problems before they ever occur.

Implementing these copier and printer maintenance tips will help you get the most out of your office equipment. If your office equipment is in need of maintenance, or if you are looking to upgrade, contact Monster Technology today.