5 Printer Repair Issues That Indicate It’s Time for Replacement

Having to say goodbye to a printer that has helped you complete countless jobs can be difficult, especially when the printer seems to still be working pretty well. However, if you don’t upgrade or replace your printer at the right time, it may translate to quite a bit of tech-related frustration and headaches, not to mention downtime, in the near future.
The good news is that you don’t have to guess whether or not it is time for a new printer. There are a few tell-tale signs that will help you be sure. Learn more about five of them here.

Ink Systems Clog Up Too Often
There are some printers on the market today that are actually known for ink clog issues. In some cases, if the problem becomes too frequent, it makes the printer not even worth using. The fact is, a printer’s ink system should never clog, which means if it has started to happen on a regular basis, then it is likely time to invest in a new printer altogether.

Print Heads Need Cleaning Too Often
With modern printers, you should be able to use them once every few days, and they should still work without issues each time. Unfortunately, with some printers that are constructed with lower quality, cheaper parts, the print heads have to be cleaned if you aren’t using them very often.
You shouldn’t put up with this type of nuisance. After all, each time you have to stop to clean the print heads, you are wasting valuable time. Purchasing a new printer will ensure you can operate efficiently without all the downtime.

You Are Forced to Manually Perform Operations That Are Supposed to Be Automatic
There are some extremely low-quality printers that have a button you need to hit manually to feed the paper. You should not accept that with your printer. If it is unable to handle basic operations without having issues, then it is never going to be beneficial for your business. Now is the time to replace it, before you waste any more time.

Your Wireless Printer Mysteriously Loses Its Connection All the Time
Every now and then, it is possible for a quality wireless printer to lose its connection with the wireless network. An acceptable rate is about once every three months, and when this happens, reconnection shouldn’t be a hassle. If your printer is losing its connection more often than that, and you are positive it is the printer that is the source of the issue, then it is time to get rid of it. It is not worth your time to have to always fix the issue and problems with connecting wirelessly can become a real headache in many cases.

You Constantly Have to Reinstall the Software and Drivers
This is another problem that is completely unacceptable. You should never be in a position where this has to be redone, unless you have just purchased a new computer.
The bottom line is that the best way to prevent issues such as the ones described above is by purchasing a high-quality printer to begin with. While the initial cost will be higher, in the long run, this will help you save money. If you need more help with your printers, repair or service, contact our team at Monster Technology, LLC.