Uncover Hidden Costs With a Managed Print Services Assessment

Few business owners would argue that reducing costs isn’t one of their top priorities, yet many overlook an opportunity that’s right in front of them. Print-related spending is one of those “hidden in plain sight” expenses that many business owners fail to notice.

Hidden Costs

Perhaps it’s because our offices are dominated by printers and copiers and the functions they perform that we assume someone is counting the cost. Whatever the reason, companies are shocked to learn that their annual print spend can reach as high as 6% to 15% of annual revenues.

Your MPS Assessment

There’s no practical way to reduce print-related expenditures without a clear-cut strategy. Managed Print Services provides the strategy as well as the practical applications to achieve company-wide buy-in and follow-through. But first, a Managed Print Services Assessment provides the answers you need to bring cost-reducing measures in place.

1. Do you know how many devices you own?

Many business owners can’t answer this question, but it’s key to reducing costs. Managed Print Services provides the answer, with a detailed list of all print-related devices, their location, condition, and device-to-employee ratios.

2. Do you know your monthly print volumes?

Managed Print Services will monitor your devices and track print volumes. You’ll know how many documents each device and department prints, who prints in color, and learn about solutions to reduce unnecessary printing to bring costs in line.

3. Who services your printers?

Managed Print Services Experts will monitor your devices and respond to low toner alerts and support issues, often taking care of problems before they have a chance to interrupt your workflows.

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to the benefits of Managed Print Services. To learn how you can save as much as 30% off your current print spend, contact us at Monster Technology today.