Top Managed Print Services Myths Debunked

At Monster Technology, we’re here to help you make smart choices about your office technology, including print. We thought we’d take a moment to debunk some of the top myths about Managed Print Services (MPS) so you can make an informed decision that’s right for your company.

Myth: Outsourcing to an MPS partner is more expensive than managing print in-house.
Truth: You’ll see print cost reductions of as much as 30%.
Direct costs are likely to go down when you move to MPS. Meanwhile, both your IT and operational staff will be free to focus on value-adding work instead of printer troubleshooting. That’s smart money management.

Myth: Moving to MPS means a complete overhaul of your print infrastructure.
Truth: Great MPS partners will help you optimize the tools and equipment you already have.
At Monster Technology, we pride ourselves on finding smart solutions for our customers, and sometimes the smartest approach simply means better management of available resources. After your print assessment, we may even recommend scaling back your fleet or retiring under-utilized machines. Our goal is to maximize your company’s efficiency, and we’re in it for the long haul.

Myth: MPS will make you more reliant on printing.
Truth: MPS focuses on sustainability and streamlined workflows.
While it can seem counterintuitive that a print service can reduce your printing, that’s often the case with MPS. Streamlining your fleet can mean power savings and improved efficiencies, while multifunction machines can help improve workflows and reduce print demand. Planet-friendly printing practices are an important part of a healthy print infrastructure and are made simple by MPS.

Myth: MPS is a one-and-done transaction.
Truth: MPS is a comprehensive approach to managing your entire print infrastructure.
From system design to usage reports, preventive maintenance to live troubleshooting assistance, fleet optimization to consumables supply, workflow tools to security features, MPS is an ongoing holistic service that addresses all aspects of your company’s print environment.

It’s smart to be skeptical about services you’re considering. You want to make a decision that moves your business forward and gives you a competitive edge. Dig a little deeper into MPS, and you’ll see that it’s a strategic approach to the management of your company’s print infrastructure. Talk to one of Monster Technology’s team members today to learn more about how MPS can transform your business.