Schools Print More Efficiently and Responsibly with MPS

Education institutions are inundated with documents. From lesson plans and field trip slips to health records and administrative paperwork, the average school is overwhelmed by paper. Moreover, the office technology used by schools is oftentimes a hodgepodge of different brands, types, and capabilities, making it difficult to streamline workflows and nearly impossible to maintain without professional help. And with the most recent data reporting nearly 140,000 education institutions in the United States, there is a multitude of educators that are dealing with cumbersome print environments that are making their jobs more difficult. Outsourcing the oversight of a school’s print infrastructure with Managed Print Services (MPS) alleviates the burden these institutions face, helping them print more efficiently and responsibly.

Watch your entire team—from administrative staff to educators—become more efficient after making the switch to MPS. Your MPS partner will streamline billing, including all device leases and consumables purchasing, down to one monthly invoice, providing your accounts payable employees with a reprieve. With remote monitoring and maintenance, MPS ensures maximum uptime by detecting issues before they arise. When your machines are up and running smoothly, educators can access the printouts they need quickly and get back to the classroom. Even something seemingly simple, like ensuring your multifunction printer doesn’t run out of toner, is a job that your MPS partner will tackle so your team can focus on what really matters—your students.

Responsible printing is increasingly becoming more important to schools and businesses alike. MPS helps educators print responsibly through lessening paper consumption. MPS software options, such as PrintAudit, ensure your team is printing responsibly through rule-based printing preset defaults. Easy preset defaults include ensuring your staff prints on both sides of the paper—duplex printing—or only allowing certain users to print in color. This aspect of MPS reduces paper and consumables usage, ultimately cutting costs. Your MPS partner can even help you set up a toner recycling program to ensure that your school is making the least amount of environmental impact possible.

Partnering with a Managed Print Services provider can help schools print more efficiently and responsibly. These solutions will not only ensure educators and administrators are more productive and less wasteful, but they are specifically designed to save your school money. Contact Monster Technology today to learn how our MPS solutions can help your education institution succeed.