Save Money with MPS

In many organizations, printing is a hidden cost. Spread among people, departments, and budget lines, it’s a challenge to even understand your true expenses, let alone try to reduce them. Fortunately, Managed Print Services (MPS) is an ideal solution.

What is MPS? MPS is a centralized, holistic system where your chosen MPS provider manages and maintains all aspects of your printer fleet. With MPS, you outsource purchasing, support, management, and maintenance to a verified partner. Here are a few ways MPS helps companies like yours save money.

Optimize your fleet – How many devices do you have? What kind? Where are they located? Whether you have six machines or 60, your MPS provider will make sure that your fleet efficiently meets your unique business needs. That may mean reevaluating their physical locations in your office, consolidating to power- and time-saving multifunction printers, removing underused printers, or switching to a lease. MPS makes sure you are only paying for the technology you need.

Save time – By changing the chaos of ad-hoc internal management into efficient, holistic, outsourced management, MPS helps you save time and get back to value-adding work. Your IT staff can refocus their time on strategic initiatives instead of basic printer troubleshooting. With MPS, support, supplies, and regular maintenance are handled for you.

Reduce waste – MPS can transform your print strategy from a black hole to a streamlined operation. Fleet-wide defaults like duplex (double-sided) printing, black-and-white, and ink-conserving printing can make saving money automatic. With digital sharing made possible by scanners and multifunction machines, wasteful copies are eliminated. Meanwhile, quotas enable individuals and departments to keep track of—and change—their own prohibitive printing behavior.

Collect powerful data – Best of all, MPS provides something we all love—data. Being able to monitor usage, track efficiencies, and adjust workflows contributes to a more productive and cost-effective business. With quotas and usage monitoring, you can identify areas of waste and intervene to end it.

MPS is a powerful tool, and Monster Technology is here to help you leverage it to save your business as much as 30 percent on printing costs. Wondering if MPS is right for you? With an MPS assessment, we’ll look at your print needs and infrastructure to find out. Call Monster Technology today.


About Monster Technology

Monster Technology is nationwide business technology provider. With sales offices in the Los Angeles & Reno Metro area as well as distribution centers all over the US. We help our clients improve productivity while yielding real hard cost savings through leveraging our muti-phase approach. Our core offerings include Managed Print Services, Managed IT, Document Management and Office Equipment.