Resolve to Increase ROI with Managed IT

The new year is a time for reflection and resolution. What can we do better? How can we make this year more rewarding than the last? How can we increase our ROI? If you’re looking for ways to spend smarter this year and get the most out of every dollar, read on to learn how Managed IT can give you better returns this year.

IT Efforts
Increasing your ROI is about increasing value for the dollars you spend. When you outsource IT infrastructure management, you can free your IT staff to focus on business-specific projects that add value. Imagine your IT team building a custom app instead of troubleshooting your printer problems. Increased efficiency and reliability is the top reason to work with a Managed Services Provider.

Staff Time
Non-technical staff can focus on their specialized skills and projects when IT is managed by your partner. Instead of spending their time diagnosing problems through Google and struggling to “play IT,” your team can be more efficient at the work they’re skilled and trained to do—work that improves the bottom line for your company.

Cost Savings
Cash is an easily-measured indicator, and an investment in Managed IT pays dividends. Consider that a single network manager can demand more than $70,000 in salary—once you add taxes, benefits, and infrastructure like hardware, software, and networks, that number can easily double. Compare that to a simple per-person fee with a Managed IT provider. You’ll get a much better return when you work with an outsourced partner.

Sustainable Systems
Shared infrastructure is simply more efficient and sustainable than redundant supplies and services. Working with a Managed IT partner means maximum efficiency of servers, drives, storage space, environmental control, and power. Fewer duplications means less natural resources are used to achieve the same result.

Security and Compliance
A single HIPAA or OSHA violation can cost your company significantly in fines, lost business, and damaged customer confidence. Consider Anthem, who suffered a data breach that compromised the medical information of some 100 million individuals. Managed IT services, with best-in-breed security protocols and retention policies, can protect you from fines and public relations disasters.

As you move forward into 2017, consider a move to Managed IT. You’ll see positive returns across your company. Contact Monster Technology today to find the Managed IT solution that best serves your business.