Plan to Succeed With a Disaster Recovery Plan


Data security is on everyone’s mind these days, and it’s no wonder. With devastating security breaches making headlines on a regular basis, every business owner is wondering what, if anything, can be done to keep their confidential information safe. Fortunately for you and your company, there are proven solutions you can deploy now to avoid becoming the next victim.

Make a Disaster Recovery Plan

When it comes to your business, failing to plan really is planning to fail. With 70% of businesses closing their doors for good in the months following catastrophic data loss, companies without a disaster recovery plan in place are asking for failure.

Obviously the 30% of businesses who continue to thrive after a disaster know something the other 70% don’t. A disaster recovery plan is critical if you want your company to stay solidly among the 30% of survivors, but it’s not enough to backup your data onsite. Cloud-based online backup solutions ensure that your team can access your company’s data following a disaster, and should be a major component of a solid data security plan.

Why Act Now?

If you can’t serve your customers, someone else will. A well-implemented disaster recovery plan is the only sure way to survive after a catastrophic data loss. With a disaster recovery plan in place, your team will be able to continue moving projects forward, making sales, and serving your customers’ needs. A disaster recovery plan makes it possible to continue serving your customers with little or no interruptions in service. In fact, they may not even be aware that your office flooded and you’re working out of rented quarters.

Keep Your Reputation Intact

Data loss is always bad news, but when a security breach puts confidential customer information into the hands of criminals, it’s really bad news. The loss of reputation can be devastating, and even if your company can continue operations, regaining customer trust could take more time than you can afford.

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