How MPS Can Help Your Business Print SMART

To be competitive in today’s market, it’s important to leverage technology and services in a way that maximizes value and minimizes costs. Fortunately, Managed Print Services (MPS) can help. We’ve put together a few ways MPS ensures your business prints SMART.

S — Security — It’s easy to overlook the security risks inherent in your print environment. However, MPS can mitigate risk and help you gain control of your data, from administrative controls to pull printing, which requires identity verification before a print job is released. Your MPS provider can also ensure your print data is encrypted and that your hard drive and printer memory are regularly wiped.

M — Monitoring — MPS provides unparalleled visibility and control of your entire print environment. With usage metrics, you can understand print behavior at the individual and departmental level, enabling you to make changes in policy, quotas, or workflows to optimize your printing. You’ll also get timely service alerts and functionality reports, so you always know your fleet status.

A — Affordability — MPS lowers costs. Your fleet will be optimized with the most efficient allocation of devices and features, while system defaults and thoughtfully-developed policies will help reduce consumption of paper and toner. A right-sized fleet will save energy with low-power modes and fewer devices. Overall, MPS customers find that they can save as much as 30 percent on their print costs.

R — Reliability — With an MPS provider, you can rest assured that your fleet is up-to-date and well cared-for. Preventive maintenance will keep small issues from becoming big problems, while software patching keeps function and security optimally running. MPS also automates the ordering of consumables, so you won’t be caught searching for toner for a last-minute print job.

T — Technical Support — With MPS, your technical support is part of the package. From troubleshooting to service and maintenance, your MPS provider takes the burden off of your IT team, enabling them to spend their time and energy on strategic projects that move your business forward.

If your business is ready to work smarter, not harder, consider Managed Print Services. With optimal security, ongoing monitoring, affordability, reliability, and technical support, MPS is the intelligent way for today’s businesses to handle printing. Contact Monster Technology to put MPS to work for your company.

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